Quick Stop Bottle Depot in Edmonton is the Recycling Leader

Quick Stop Bottle Depot in Edmonton accepts all containers that have had a deposit paid on them in Alberta. We have been keeping Edmonton eco-friendly and have been encouraging its citizens to participate in charitable donation programs for over 25 years.

What You Can Bring To Us

Quick Stop Bottle Depot accepts all containers that have had a deposit paid on them within Alberta. We do not accept out of province containers.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions, and thank you for your participation.

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Monday - Friday 8:30 AM - 6:00 PM                  Saturday 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM                                  Sunday: Closed



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Do you want to find out how much your recycleable containers are worth? Click on the logo below to visit the Alberta Bottle Depot Association's website use their "How Much is it Worth?" tool to estimate what you can return to recover your deposit, what your returns will become and hom much cash you can receive.

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Showing Concern For Our Community

A mother and daughter sorting bottles to take to the bottle depot in Edmonton

Quick Stop Bottle Depot we regularly arrange for a separate bin or container at our facility to be designated as our charitable donation depository.

Rather than receiving money for their beverage containers, concerned citizens who use these containers donate the proceeds of their recyclables to our currently featured charity drive. This not only helps keep Edmonton’s amount of litter to a minimum, it aids our friends and neighbours who are less fortunate or in a state of emergency.

Helping Keep Edmonton Clean

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We are your quick and easy solution to those empty beverage containers that can quickly accumulate and clutter your home or business. By being your proactive partner in this process, together we contribute to the beautification of our beloved Edmonton area. For your convenience we even provide information on how to donate so that it will be a quick and easy process for you.

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