Quick Stop Bottle Depot van


Quick Stop Bottle Depot offers a pick-up service for businesses, schools and residential homes. Use our Pick-Up Booking form on our contact page to arrange a pick-up for your business, school or home. Receive an e-Transfer, cash or cheque for your order. We have a 5 bag minimum per pick-up and 15% pick-up fee.

We thank you in advance for joining in our efforts to help keep Alberta beautiful!

Pick-Up Booking Form


We offer a drop-off service for customers who prefer not to wait

Come in to drop-off your empties and set-up and account. Once an account is set up you can come back anytime to receive your refund or electronic transfer. Check out our recycling tips to expedite your visit!


Bottle Drives
Call, email or come to our location to schedule a bottle drive for your event, association or team. Based on our vast experience we provide advice and tips as well as supplies and free pick-up to assist you in your bottle drive.